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Learn Guitar with Step-by-Step Guitar Lessons

Do you want to finally learn how to play the guitar? Are you tired of half-assed lessons, that leave you clueless? We at Guitarists Rising provide you with high-quality, step-by-step guitar lessons. Whether full song tutorials, lick lessons, how to play guitar like your guitar hero, or detailed technique lessons, Guitarists Rising is the right place to learn and master the guitar.

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What You Will Learn From Our Lessons

In-Depth Guitar Tutorials

Our in-depth guitar lessons are supported with high-quality tabs so you can easily follow along and learn your songs in real time!


  • Detailed Guitar Tabs
  • Easy to follow
  • In-depth breakdowns
  • As close to the original as possible

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Guitar Courses For Every Level

Our guitar programs will help you increase your guitar skills and become the guitar player you want to be!


  • Beginner to advanced guitar courses
  • Take your playing to the next level
  • Learn to play anything you want to play

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